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Simplifying electronic trading

What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL was conceived as a means of creating a cross border messaging standard to enable suppliers to trade with public sector organisations across Europe.  

In the UK, PEPPOL is a central pillar of the Government’s eProcurement strategy for the NHS. The aim of PEPPOL is to increase the use of eProcurement within the NHS and to make trading with the NHS easier for business of all sizes. 

How does it work?

PEPPOL enables documents such as purchase orders and invoices to be exchanged in a standard electronic way between buyers and sellers, without any manual intervention. An NHS buyer will connect to the PEPPOL network via an Access Point. Electronic invoices, orders and other purchase related documents will be sent / received via the buyers Access Point to the supplier via the supplier's own Access Point. 

This ‘four cornered model’ will allow an NHS buyer to trade with ANY supplier connected to PEPPOL. Similarly a supplier will be able to trade with all NHS Buyers (and other public and private sector organisations) on PEPPOL.


Why is it important if you trade with the NHS? 

PEPPOL will change the way the NHS does business.

Six demonstrator sites were selected at the beginning of 2016, and by 2020 all NHS Trusts are expected to be up and running.

Once live, all suppliers will be required to send electronic invoices through a PEPPOL compliant Access Point. 

What PEPPOL services does CloudTrade offer? 

CloudTrade is a PEPPOL Access Point and was selected to participate in the Department of Health’s Demonstration of Technology (DoT) in 2015.

As a PEPPOL Access Point, CloudTrade provides a gateway into the PEPPOL network to send and receive business documents, such as invoices, purchase orders and advanced shipping notices, etc.

For Buyers

We provide a range of solutions and services to ensure your PEPPOL project is a success. Our NHS customers are able to take advantage of an established community of NHS suppliers already connected to the CloudTrade Network, ensuring the fastest and highest supplier adoption rates in the market.

For Suppliers

We remove the barriers to adoption and make it as easy as possible to connect to PEPPOL. CloudTrade offers a range of methods to suit all organisations, irrespective of technical maturity, to connect to the CloudTrade Access Point and into the PEPPOL network.

For suppliers trading with the NHS, CloudTrade enables you to be PEPPOL-ready without any changes to your IT systems and without incurring any additional costs. On-boarding is simple, taking a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks, and trading relations are improved as you can be paid more quickly and with no need to keep chasing on invoices that keep getting lost along the way.

For our full list of PEPPOL ready buyers click here.


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