With CloudTrade, every supplier can be an e-invoice supplier. We understand the factors that discourage suppliers from adopting electronic invoicing – which is why we offer a unique solution that requires minimal change and effort.

Most service providers offer two main ways to send electronic invoices...

  1. Direct Integration

    XML and EDI files sent direct from a finance application. High volume suppliers are asked to send an XML, EDI or a similar document straight from their billing system.

  2. Invoice Portal

    Invoice Portals allow invoice creation and submission for small businesses. At the low volume end, e-invoice service providers will often provide a portal for suppliers to create and send their invoices.

Almost all e-invoice and e-trading service providers fail...

... to offer a solution that addresses the 'massive middle' of suppliers that are either:

Too small, to justify the investment needed to change to their billing system and infrastructure to send XML or EDI, or;

Too large, to justify the duplication of effort and additional risk associated with invoice portals.

CloudTrade converts more suppliers to e-invoicing - and in a shorter time frame - than any other service provider


PDF and Email

CloudTrade provides a 3rd option and the easiest way for a supplier to send electronic invoices - without having to change systems or infrastructure.  Almost every finance application can generate an invoice as a PDF file - most can also automatically send the PDF to the customer via email.

When a PDF is generated by an application, in almost all instances it will be a searchable text PDF, with the invoice data items carried directly within the PDF.  CloudTrade takes advantage of this and maps the invoice data direct from the PDF to an e-invoice structure.  No OCR, which means 100% data accuracy. 

For most suppliers, emailing their invoices to you is their preferred way to invoice.  As a result, when asking a supplier to move away from paper and onto e-invoicing, the barriers to adoption are removed. 

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What are the benefits?

For the supplier

  • No Technical Change

    We don't ask your suppliers to change their systems to send EDI or XML.

  • No Process Change

    We don't ask your suppliers to log onto a portal to submit their invoice or order.

  • No Supplier Charges

    We don't charge an organisation to send their invoices or orders to you.

For the buyer

  • High supplier adoption

    >90% of suppliers when asked will send PDF invoices.

  • Speed of adoption

    Typically suppliers will be onboard by their next invoice

  • Happy supply chain

    Quicker processing with fewer errors = happy suppliers

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