With CloudTrade Every supplier can be an e-invoice supplier. Our unique, non-intrusive approach, guarantees the highest supplier adoption rates and ensures the greatest number of e-invoices are received into your Accounts Payable function.

PDF invoice for electronic invoicing

With most e-invoice, e-trading and EDI service providers, technical, process and commercial barriers often impact the success of supplier adoption. As a result, paper remains and the expected benefits fail to materialise.

CloudTrade is different. Every supplier can be an e-invoice supplier with CloudTrade.

E-invoicing Made Easy - How it Works

We simply take advantage of tools and processes your suppliers already use to ensure the maximum number of e-invoices are received into your business. Your supplier simply emails a PDF invoice - you receive electronic e-invoice data. Easy e-invoicing! 


The buyer organisation simply asks their suppliers to email PDF invoices. This functionality is out of the box with almost all billing systems and is the preferred way to invoice for the majority of organisations.


CloudTrade's patent pending technology, takes advantage of the data layer embedded within the PDF invoice, so that upon receipt of the invoice, the invoice data is automatically mapped, validated and converted into an e-invoice structure.


The validated e-invoice structure is received straight into the buyers invoice processing application - only two to three minutes after the supplier originally sent it!

From experience, more than 90% of suppliers when asked will email PDF invoices to their customers.

For the remaining suppliers, we also accommodate document formats such as XML, EDI, HTML and provide a Cloud based OCR service for those who are unable to move away from paper.

electronic invoicing removes numerous manual processing activities and associated costs

Supplier adoption barriers for e-invoicing removed! 

  • No Technical Change
    We don't ask your trading partners to change their systems to send EDI or XML.
  • No Process Change
    We don't ask your trading partners to log onto a portal to submit their invoice or order.
  • No Supplier Charges
    We don't charge an organisation to send documents via CloudTrade.
  • Less paper, more electronic
    By removing the barriers, more trading partners move away from paper and onto electronic means of document submission.
  • No technical footprint or change
    CloudTrade takes advantage of tools organisations already have and use.
  • Reduce time, effort, cost and your carbon footprint
    Manual activities associated with paper are removed. Invoices and other business documents are created, sent and received electronically.
  • Not just invoices
    All business documents can be managed this way.

CloudTrade is the right way to invoice. Simple to set up and use, with no disruption to your supply chain. CloudTrade provides a pain free way to e-invoice that benefits buyers and suppliers alike.

Creating an e-invoice from any data enriched document

Did you know that almost all accounting systems can create a PDF invoice and send via email? In the majority of cases, the PDF will have a text data layer, making the invoice data visible to the right technology.

We take advantage of the data layer when processing PDFs (no OCR used), which allows us to offer a 100% e-invoice quality guarantee!

If the supplier prefers to send XML, EDI, HTML or any other data enriched document - no problem. Our service accommodates all.

Guaranteed high supplier e-invoicing adoption

Experience has highlighted that when an organisation is asked “Can you send an electronic invoice data file such as EDI or XML direct from your billing system?”, or “Can you log onto a portal and manually create your invoice?”, the answer is typically a resounding “No”.

However, when asked “Can you send your invoice as a PDF via email”, the answer is typically “Yes, I thought you would never ask!” Senders appreciate the time, effort and cost savings this approach brings.

Almost all senders can create and send text PDF invoices straight from their billing application – allowing us to convert each PDF into an e-invoice and guaranteeing high supplier adoption for your e-invoicing programme.

The few systems that do not have this functionality can either use a ‘virtual printer’ to create a text PDF (there are a number of free virtual printers available on the internet), or send any other data enriched document such as EDI, XML or HTML, direct from their accounting application.

Mopping up the remaining paper - 100% electronic

Although CloudTrade will ensure most suppliers become e-invoice suppliers in the shortest time possible, we are realists. Some suppliers may be unable to move away from paper invoicing in the immediate to short term.

Our Cloud Capture service mops up what paper remains and ensures that even small, low volume suppliers can be converted into e-invoice suppliers. The paper invoice is either scanned by the supplier - or where the paper invoice has already been received by the buying organisation, it is scanned locally - and passed to our Cloud Capture service. It is processed using OCR where needed and converted into an e-invoice.

We also offer an Invoice Processing Managed Service where we will manage the scanning and data capture on your behalf.

The fastest way to move to e-invoicing

CloudTrade is simple to buy; simple to set up - and most importantly - simple to use.

For most suppliers our method of e-invoice submission is their preferred way to invoice. A supplier typically only needs to be asked the question: "please can you send all future invoices by email?" once. Further communication and time and effort to persuade the supplier to come on board, is rarely needed.

The net result is that more suppliers become e-invoicing suppliers in a shorter time frame, than can be achieved by any other e-invoice service provider.

Fast and high supplier adoption. E-invoicing made easy!

Have you got an e-invoice address?

Electronic trading is nothing new. So why, in today's modern world, do we still use postal addresses to send and receive important business documents such as invoices and orders?

With CloudTrade every organisation can have an e-invoice address which can be used by all your suppliers - not just the largest ones.

For the majority of organisations, sending PDF invoices via email is their preferred way to invoice. CloudTrade provides the receiving organisation with an e-invoicing address - either hosted under the @cloudtradenetwork.com domain, or if preferred, hosted at the receivers domain, e.g. invoices@customerdomain.com.

This is your e-invoice address that can be passed to your suppliers.

For those suppliers who prefer other forms of invoice delivery, no problem. CloudTrade supports all main connectivity methods such as FTPS, AS2 and HTTPS.

Our aim is to minimise the change needed by the supplier to ensure the highest e-invoicing supplier adoption, in the shortest time frame possible.

Free e-invoicing for your suppliers

CloudTrade removes the barriers to e-invoicing. We don't ask your suppliers to install new technology or change their technical infrastructure. We don't ask your suppliers to change their processes and raise their invoices any differently to the way they do today.

And we certainly don't ask them to pay for the privilege of sending their invoices to you. CloudTrade is free to suppliers sending e-invoices.

By removing these barriers, CloudTrade ensures the maximum number of suppliers start sending electronic invoices - in the shortest time frame - to you