Who is CloudTrade?

CloudTrade was founded by a core team with over 25 years experience of the Purchase to Pay, Accounts Payable automation and E-invoice market.  As the market is only about 15 years old, 25 years is quite impressive!  We've worked with most of the main technologies and services in this sector - and founded CloudTrade to address an issue which we had repeatedly encountered, that being how do you get trading partners to send electronic documents?  CloudTrade solves this problem in quite a clever way.  For more information on how we can remove more paper in a shorter time frame than any other service provider.

Who should use CloudTrade?

Any organisation that wishes to send or receive electronic documents, such as: invoices, purchases orders, statements, payment remittances.  Although we often start a project with invoices, CloudTrade is document agnostic and processes the full range of financial (and non financial) documents.  More information on the e-invoicing and e-document services we provide can be found here.

What are the benefits of using Cloud Trade?

CloudTrade delivers benefits to both sides of the trading relationship, from: cost reduction, to increased control; from improving the ability to pay on time, to increasing visibility and transparency within your business. 

What makes CloudTrade different?

CloudTrade is different in many ways:  Different in the services that we offer.  Different in the way that we charge.  Different in the way that we deliver our services.  But we are not trying to be different for different's sake. Our approach ensures we remove the barriers to supplier adoption - which in turn results in more paper being removed from our customer's organisation than any other e-invoice or e-trading approach.  

What software do I need to deploy?

Nothing. That's the beauty of CloudTrade, no software is needed.  If you are a supplier / sender we simply leverage what you already use (email!).  If you are buyer / receiver of documents, electronic files are delievered via your preferred approach - or presented on-line in our Portal.

Can I try before buying?

Yes.  Contact us for more information on our free e-invoicing or e-document trial

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