The G-Cloud revolution - CloudStore officially open for business


The doors have been flung open on the public sector Cloud revolution with the release on Sunday morning of the first tranche of providers whose offerings are included in the CloudStore. 

In total there are over 1700 services that made it through the G-Cloud framework accreditation process and are now available in a searchable catalogue at

Chris Chant, G-Cloud Programme Director, said “The Public Sector will benefit immediately from this framework allowing them to adopt a range of Cloud services at reduced costs and improved agility without compromising performance or security. Costs that were previously averaging between £900 to £1500 per server per month, will be reduced to £150 or lower.”

On first sight, aside from the new breed of SME providers who’ve made it onto the initial ranking, the big winners are Microsoft – the CloudStore itself has been built on Microsoft Azure – and SAP - whose Business Objects and Business ByDesign ERP offering are among its entries onto the catalogue -  as well as Google which makes it onto the list which conspicuously doesn’t have a lot of the better known ‘Cloud champions’ from the US. 

With the government’s stated policy to include more SME engagement, it’s clearly encouraging to see SMEs such as UK Plc, Unit4 and Huddle are among those making their presence known,....."

....and Cloud Trade.  Read the full G-Cloud CloudStore article here.