Control, Compliance and Cost-savings. Transforming Source to Pay and Cash Management for the Digital Age

OpusCapita Invoice Automation is designed to centralise and standardise local and global accounts payable processes for maximum efficiency and control. By increasing transparency, invoice automation also reduces the risk of internal and external fraud.

Multi-channel e-Invoice Receiving

For the best automation rates, invoices should be processed electronically and ideally, received as true e-invoices (ie: structured data). OpusCapita offers a range of e-invoicing options for suppliers of all maturities and sizes so that you - the customer - can process all of your invoices electronically at the highest possible automation rates.

Small suppliers might like to enter invoices via a portal. Large, key suppliers might require a direct EDI connection and other suppliers might want to send you xml or pdf as their preferred method for invoicing. Even if your supplier sends you a paper invoice, we can ensure ALL of your invoices arrive into your solution from a single source, in a unified format.

OpusCapita Head Office is in Finland, with offices in USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Australia.