Open ECX – Electronic Construction Exchange – puts electronic trading capabilities at the fingertips of every construction business. Application-agnostic, simple and scalable, Open ECX works for any construction business, large or small, saving time, cutting costs and improving quality.

In the 1990s, the first e-commerce transactions were managed using point-to-point electronic data interchange (EDI). During the 2000s, various construction transaction hubs emerged, but they lack sophistication and are often frustratingly slow to roll-out. What is needed is a third generation open trading hub.

Open ECX – Electronic Construction Exchange – is the first of its kind. A secure hub able to connect to over 300 different back-office systems, it can be implemented in just 24 hours, automating and supporting the requirements of:

  • buyers (typically contractor businesses) purchase-to-payment (P2P) processes, and
  • sellers (suppliers and manufacturers) order-to-cash (O2C) processes

And, as the name implies, the services are highly adaptable. Adaptris ECX is integrated with all the major back office systems (and many less well known ones too). Electronic trading can be rapidly configured to suit your existing systems, your preferred business processes, and the systems and processes of all of your supply chain partners.


Read how CloudTrade has partnered with Open ECX to power their E2B (Email to Business) and eHub (PDF e-document) services: