Our business is built on strong partnerships, both with our end customers and our channel partners. Since inception our strategy has been to work with partner organisations who often OEM or white label our service as part of their own supply chain proposition.

Taking this approach - as well as actively welcoming free roaming between e-invoicing networks - benefits our customers and partners alike.  An organisation on one network can easily send business documents to an organisation on another network - and vice versa.   

inter-operability between cloud trade and partner networks

CloudTrade Partners

The process of becoming a partner is focused on enabling you to develop a deep relationship with CloudTrade and understanding how CloudTrade can help you be successful. 

CloudTrade realises the service we offer is often only one component of a larger purchase-to-pay or order-to-cash proposition - our service will compliment and add value to the propositions you sell to your customers.  The sum of all parts will always be more valuable than the individual components. 

What kind of solutions and services do partners usually provide? 

CloudTrade provides a high adoption, Pay-As-You-Go alternative to traditional e-invoicing, e-trading and OCR solutions.  High supplier adoption rates ensure the strongest business case for the end customer and increased value for our partner.  For illustration, the organisations we partner with often fall into one of groups in the table below. 

Partner Solution or Service Description How CloudTrade adds value
Invoice Processing Platform Partner provides workflow based invoice processing solution that drives efficiency within the Accounts Payable function OCR applications have previously been required to maximise the benefits of invoice workflow processing applications - paper invoices are scanned, OCR'd and converted into a structure that can be uploaded into the invoice workflow application.   CloudTrade provides a Pay As You Go service that removes the need to invest in an OCR application, by removing paper at source.  E-invoices are received straight into the invoice processing environment within a couple of minutes of being sent by the supplier. 
eProcurement / Marketplace Partner provides eProcurement / Purchase-to-Pay / Marketplace platform that manages spend within an organisation The CloudTrade service often compliments eProcurement / Marketplace solution providers in much the same way as stand alone invoice processing platforms.  One common differentiator however is that providers operating in this space may already have a network of connected organisations sending or receiving electronic documents.  In this scenario CloudTrade extends the reach of the partner solution by making e-trading accessible to far more organisations - which in turn ensures more transactions flow through their platform.
Financial Management Application Partner provides Financial Management, Accounting and/or ERP applications Most accounting applications have the ability to upload electronic data files.  CloudTrade provides accounting and ERP vendors with the opportunity to create new revenue streams that will add value to current customers and ultimately create stickier relationships. 
EDI / E-Invoicing / E-Trading Hub Partner provides EDI / B2B Integration hub services Due to the technical change usually needed to applications and infrastructure to send EDI or XML documents, this method of document sending is prohibitive for many organisations. CloudTrade helps EDI, e-invoicing and e-trading hubs extend their reach so that more organisations can start sending and receiving electronic documents.
BPO / Scanning Bureau Partner provides outsourced business processing and/or transaction processing services  CloudTrade adds value to BPO and scanning bureaus in two ways:  Firstly as a solution that allows organisations in this sector to reduce their operating costs.  Secondly, as a new solution that can be sold as a value added service to new and current customers. CloudTrade can also help BPO and scanning providers mitigate the risk associated with the global decline in paper being used as the way to send important business documents such as invoices and orders. 
Consulting / Systems Integrator Partner provides consulting and systems selection and integrations services CloudTrade reduces operating costs in finance, sales and purchasing functions while increasing visibility and controls.  The value levers are relevant to most organisations and provide consulting and system integrators an opportunity to introduce and deploy a solution that will deliver real and tangible benefits in their customer base. 

What are the benefits of partnering with CloudTrade? 

  • Significant and recurring new revenue opportunities
  • New client acquisition
  • Increased value for end customer
  • Differentiator from competition
  • Access to growing network of trading relationships

Our commitment to our partners

  • Sales and marketing support
  • Dedicated cloud hosted demonstrations and test environments
  • Solution training for sales and implementation teams

Our partners success is our success

Our approach is to add value to the solutions and services our partners offer and reward your sales by sharing a high percentage of the revenue.   

Contact us for more information about the partnership programme.