Why CloudTrade?

CloudTrade is built firmly on the premise that e-invoicing should be easy to use and non-disruptive - only then will suppliers move away from paper.

How we do it


Suppliers can produce their invoices in an easy and non-disruptive way that removes the need for changes to their applications, infrastructure or internal processes.

Due to the nature of machine generated PDFs (that almost all supplier systems can produce), these invoices are the equivalent to an XML or EDI file and so ensure accuracy of data.

With this approach and our technology, a supplier no longer has any barriers to adoption and can be quickly brought on board to deliver electronic invoices straight into a buyers finance application within seconds of the supplier sending it.

How we can help your business


More information - we can provide any combination of demo, free trial, webinar or quote to show you how our service can help your business.

Supplier adoption - we’ll help identify and onboard those suppliers that will give you the greatest benefit (many will be on our network already).

Mop up the long tail - for infrequent suppliers we have a number of options to ensure 100% of invoices are e-invoices.

Support - we have our own in-house operations team dedicated to supporting you in the best way for your business.

Want to know more?

Want more information about CloudTrade and the services we offer?

Visit our resources page for news or download useful guides and white papers.