The benefits of PDF E-Invoicing

There are mutual benefits for both suppliers and buyers when using PDF e-invoicing.

For the buyer:


More suppliers are on-boarded

Working with a service provider that offers PDF invoicing as an option for suppliers, will result in more suppliers being on-boarded, which in turn will mean more paper is removed and more invoices will be received electronically than ‘traditional’ e-invoicing methods.

Quicker supplier on-boarding

PDF invoicing is ‘out-of-the-box’ with most billing applications. Unlike XML or EDI which require IT involvement (and often an investment case to be signed off), the Accounts Receivable clerk raising the invoice can make the change. In the majority of cases, a supplier will start sending PDF invoices instead of paper, directly following the request from their customer to move over to this method.

Lower on-boarding costs

The cost to on-board suppliers is kept to a minimum. Although commercially supplier on-boarding charges will be dependent on the service provider, the effort for both buying organisation and the service provider is kept to a minimum (which should be reflected in the charges).

For the supplier:


No IT changes required

No change needed to the billing application or infrastructure – the supplier is simply using functionality that is out of the box with almost all accounting packages.

No need to involve the IT department

No need to raise a work request on another department. The AR / Credit Controller can authorise and implement the changes

No change to operating processes

No duplication of effort or additional operating overhead – which are unwanted side effects of using 3rd party invoice portals.

No financial investment

As no technical changes are needed – or additional overhead operating costs incurred - no investment of financial case needs to be approved.

Easy and quick to adopt

Due to the ease by which suppliers can move to PDF invoicing, most are able to make the move by their very next invoice.

Stronger trading relationships

Electronic invoicing is one step towards an integrated supply chain and stronger trading relationships.

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