Our non-intrusive approach, guarantees the highest supplier adoption rates. > 90% of the suppliers you ask us to on-board will be trading electronically within 8 weeks. 

  • 1 Identify suppliers & collect details
  • 2 Issue supplier communication
  • 3 Receive first e-invoice from supplier
  • 4 Supplier live on network!

Every supplier can be an e-invoice supplier with CloudTrade

Supplier on-boarding isn't rocket science and shouldn't require coercion and strong arm tactics of persuasion.  Ours isn't, but it works and delivers market leading on-boarding rates that typically exceed 90%. 

We succeed where others fail as we put ourselves in the suppliers shoes and understand that like any other organisation, suppliers don't like change  - or paying for a something that they don't pay for now! 

Suppliers like us as we offer invoice submission solutions that are easy to adopt and non-intrusive: they don't have to change their systems to send XML or EDI; they don't have to log onto a 3rd party portal and they don't have to install any software. 

Buyers like us because of the results: more paper removed in a shorter time frame than any other e-invoicing service provider. 

CloudTrade's quick and simple methodology simply adds structure to what is a simple process and can be managed by you, or by CloudTrade on your behalf.

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