“We accept cXML e-orders, but it’s a very rigid solution and very few of our customers use it.  Most orders are received via phone, fax, with the vast majority arriving on email.   Once received, the order is processed manually. Because of the time this takes we couldn’t process orders fast enough and were losing potential orders as a result. We realised that we needed a solution that could process the bulk of our orders automatically, and that’s how we came to CloudTrade”. Arco.


Manually intensive and prone to error ...

Orders received via email, fax and phone all need to be manually entered in the suppliers Sales Order Processing system. The level of manual data input required means that errors are common and processing orders can be slow.

In order to move to a fully automated e-ordering system, the buying organisation raising the order usually has to send XML or EDI files, which for most requires an expensive technological overhaul. This means that paper and fax orders remain, manual data input is relied upon, and ordering remains inefficient and error prone.


Automate, automate, automate!

CloudTrade offers suppliers the ability to move away from paper, fax and re-keying from emails and instead receive validated orders direct in their sales order application ready for processing – within seconds of their customer sending it.  This can be done, with zero technical or process change in the sender’s environment raising the order.

As a buyer, you create your order in the way you always have done.  Though instead of printing or faxing your order, your simply send via email to the address managed by CloudTrade on your, or your supplier’s behalf.   CloudTrade maps the data (no OCR!) directly from the PDF (or any other application generated document), validates it and makes it available to your supplier’s sales order system for processing.

No manual data entry is required, and paper and fax are removed from the process. And because of the validation and mapping that CloudTrade performs before data is entered on to the supplier’s systems, there are fewer errors and orders can be dispatched and invoiced without rectification or delay.

Almost every purchasing application can email orders 

A system that allows buyers to submit their orders via email - and takes advantage of the order data that is passed in application generated documents such as PDFs - brings significant benefits without the need for any application, infrastructure or process changes for the buyer raising the order.

Using this simple approach to move their customers away from fax, Hilti (a leading construction products and equipment manufacturer) reduced the time taken to establish e-business arrangements by over 80%, at no cost to their customers, and made overhead savings on its administration of purchase orders and other processes. Their customers benefited from slicker ordering with fewer errors, and ultimately a better customer experience.

E-ordering removes most of the manual order processing steps, for both the supplier and the buyer. CloudTrade offers an easy way for companies of all sizes to move to e-ordering and start enjoying the benefits of automation.


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