Different solutions are needed for different suppliers.  Our Cloud Capture service allows every supplier be an e-invoice supplier - irrespective of size or invoice volume. 

Low volume suppliers often get overlooked

In almost every organisation the 80/20 rule will be visible: 80% of invoice volume will be received from 20% of suppliers (though more often than not, this will be between 5 - 10%!).

In order to deliver the biggest benefit in the shortest possible time frame, the top 5 - 20% of suppliers are often prioritised in an e-invoicing programme.

For the low volume long tail of suppliers however, a different approach is often needed.  An approach that acknowledges that time and effort engaging with suppliers, cannot be justified due to the volume of invoices the supplier represents. For this group of suppliers, our Cloud Capture service addresses the problem.

Cloud Capture offers a light touch on-boarding service that supports low volume suppliers 

  1. Supplier emails their invoice to you

    We simply ask the supplier to send their invoice to an email address.  Most suppliers will generate a data document - but we have to accept that some will send an image file that will require us to apply OCR engines to convert the image picture into data.

  2. Leverage the network

    Cloud Capture analyses the invoice and if recognised as a supplier who is already on the network, applies the network mapping rules to identify and convert the data into the structure required. 

  3. Auto-learn for new suppliers

    If the supplier is not already on the network, Cloud Capture prompts the receiver to register the invoice, learning the invoice structure from the data entered so that the next time an invoice from the supplier is received, it is processed automatically without manual intervention.

Advanced technology and different thinking solves the long tail problem

Most service providers direct low volume suppliers to an invoice portal to submit their invoice.  The problem is, suppliers don't like invoice portals. Why would they?  If they already raise their invoice in a finance application, why would they want to duplicate their effort?  

We acknowledge this fact and offer solutions that make it easy for a buyer to move low volume suppliers to e-invoicing.


New suppliers connect to CloudTrade Network every day.  Any supplier connection on our network can be used by any buyer.

Machine Learning

Our core engine is developed in a language usually reserved for AI applications. We have taken advantage of the power of this engine to develop functionality that automatically learns new supplier invoices, following registration by a user.

Exception Management

Due to the nature of the supplier profile and the need to keep on-boarding costs to a minimum, Cloud Capture allows new supplier connections to be established by end customers (not CloudTrade).  User friendly tools are used by they buyer to manage any exceptions flagged during processing (especially important when OCR is required).

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Benefits for Both Sides 

The Supplier

  • No Technical Change

    We don't ask your suppliers to change their systems to send EDI or XML.

  • No Process Change

    We don't ask your suppliers to log onto a portal to submit their invoice or order.

  • No Supplier Charges

    We don't charge an organisation to send their invoices or orders to you.

The Buyer

  • Focus on Long Tail

    Cloud Capture allows low volume suppliers to be part of your e-invoicing programme.

  • Reduced On-Boarding Fees

    Cloud Capture places the power of on-boarding into the hands of the buyer.

  • Increase Visibilty and Controls

    The same validation and integrity checks as used in Cloud Capture as used in the wider e-invoicing channels. 

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